How does it work

Édes Tyúkom is based on the idea of adoption. When adopting a hen, you will be supplied with eggs from the specific producer where the hen is living.

All our eggs are produced on `free-range` breeding model and are marked with the code `1` or ‘0’ on the eggs. More details…

We deliver ’extra fresh’ eggs that are not older than 4 days – eggs are considered to be ’extra fresh’ by the regulation if not older than 10 days. We organize 50 deliveries per year, almost one per week – depending on the high/ low laying trend periods.

You ’adopt’ one or several hens for a quantity of 60 eggs each.

You can order with the frequency you need, in a maximum period of 6 months per adoption.

You can choose the quantity of eggs for each delivery – but the quantity will always be a multiple of 6 or 10 (due to the size of eggs boxes).

You can cancel your order at any moment before the order goes to delivery – 24 hours before the delivery date at the latest.

You can choose your pick-up location at the beginning of the adoption where you want your eggs to be delivered, but you can change it for every order.

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