28 May


Hi there!

I’m going to explain who I am and how you can get to know more about me.

When I was born, they kept me in a worm place with energetic food for 7 weeks. Then I was big enough to move to a bigger place where I have been growing for 14 weeks more to become mature enough and start to lay eggs. During the first two weeks my eggs were too little to be distributed. Only then I became able to give eggs to my adopter for a period of time of one year and a half at least.

I am bred on Free-Range model and so I live with natural elements such as lighting time, temperature and natural feed. What I want to let you know about is my laying trend in terms of quantity and size of the eggs.
At the beginning of the year in January I lay just a few eggs because of the cold and the short daylight. Then, during the spring, with the first hot sun-rays I start to lay a lot of eggs. The temperature is perfect (18-22°C) and I am at my best. In addition I take a lot of advantage of longer daylight and the richer vegetation. Summer, on the other hand, can be hard for me because of the too strong sunshine, and because I cannot spend as much time with scratching and peaking the soil as I would like to. I need shadow and a lot of fresh water this time of the year and my laying trend might be impacted by too long periods of heat. Then, when autumn comes, I enjoy having the last bunch of fresh vegetables coming from mother nature – and I stock up for winter. However, I don’t like rain and humidity because I need to keep my legs clean and wet. My laying trend is usually acceptable.
Soon I will tell you more about me and my coop.

By the way, send me a message from here, your quotes always make me happy.

Csip Csip.

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