Our story and values – Who are we?

Édes Tyúkom is a pioneering organization that has been running since the end of 2014. We offer locally produced `free-range-eggs` (marked with the code `1` or ‘0’ on the eggs) that are distributed through a network of pick-up locations for individual collection, or delivered directly to a range of customers; such as offices, restaurants, etc.

We started our business with distributing free-range-eggs in Budapest, eggs, which were produced in the beautiful village of Bodony, in the Mátra hills. Due to the high interest for the `free-range-eggs` coming from ’happy hens’, we have outgrown our initial business and started to build a network of producers, who share our ideas and breed laying hens with the best farming and with sustainable standards.

The `free-range` breeding model is a guarantee to have happy and healthy hens for a high quality end product. For hens, access to natural field is the key for a good balance of vitamins and herbs and to avoid diseases.

With the development of this model we not only offer healthy eggs to our customers, but we offer business opportunity to small-scale producers, strengthen local economy – contributing this way to the creation of several jobs, from the production of eggs through the distribution as far as the management of adoptions.

The founder of the organization is Antoine Alazard, the Frenchman` who left his country for more than 10 years. He came to Hungary as a logistic consultant after having lived in Spain and Slovakia. He was taken to the small village near to Kékestető by his Hungarian friends. There he found many farming premises left abandoned and unused while people were often without work. Hence the idea to turn local people towards egg production as a full- or part-time occupation, connect them with urban consumers while helping with the distribution of the eggs.