Our values

To provide you with the best quality eggs

The producers are qualified by Édes Tyúkom based on the free-range-breeding model.

Our hens have access to green field. Only conventional feeding is used. No hormones, no artificial pigments.  The mix of cereals and other `field-green-food` is one of the main elements that provide the best quality and taste of the eggs.

The eggs are manually controlled and selected in order to eliminate eggs with cracks or defects. We supply only M (53>63gr) and L (63>73gr) size. Manual collection also helps to maintain the cuticle of the eggs. The cuticle layer is a natural fence against contamination of the eggs which comes in addition to the thickness of the shell. The cuticle needs to dry before collection and mechanical collection systems do not preserve it.

We work with direct delivery: between the production plant and the delivery location there is no intermediary. This is how we can supply our adopters with fresh eggs not older than 4 days.

We deliver eggs almost every week. Our web interface has been designed to provide adopters with an easy process of ordering and delivery. You know when you can order and where you can collect your eggs.

We attribute high importance to the selection and maintaining a good relation with our pick-up locations: they are the ones in direct contact with you, they are storing your eggs until you come and collect them.

We want the producers to concentrate on quality of the breeding model and we engage with them to sell all their products.

The producers are small- and medium size farms/producers that provides normal amount of work with decent incomes for the producer and for the distributor.

The producers have access to our network for professional advice, to exchange information and ideas. Upon request, we organize audits with the producers in order to focus on specific problems or get a full overview of the the breeding model.

The production plants are close to the place of the consumption (less than 60km from Budapest today). This is a key point of the model: it reduces both delivery time to better preserve the quality and freshness of the product and energy waste.

So, when you adopt, you secure a regular supply of healthy eggs for yourself and you secure a daily business for our producers. By joining this project you become part of a short food supply chain network, you support local agriculture and contribute to sustainable development.